Diving Services & Projects

Our Divers are all very experienced in Offshore Oilfield Support and Marine Civil Engineering projects and have been involved in many of the major construction projects in the Middle East. Some of the projects we’ve recently been involved in are as follows:

Civil Engineering

  • Site Inspections.
  • Jetty & Dock Construction,
  • Quay Wall Construction,
  • Cable Installation,
  • Salvage & Demolition,
  • Seabed Surveys (Silt Levels, Bottom Composition, Topography, etc).

Marine Services

  • In-water Inspection & Maintenance of all types of Dredgers.
  • Hull Cleaning of Ships, Barges & Tug Boats.
  • Propeller Polishing for VLCC’s, Bulk Carriers & other Vessels.
  • Pre-Acceptance Inspections of Turn-Key Projects.
  • Offshore Oilfield Support.

Submarine & Terrestrial

  • Shore End Cable Installations
  • Fibre Optic Testing
  • Terrestrial Fibre and Power Cable installation
  • Power Cable Testing
  • Ground Bed installations
  • Fibre and Power Cable Jointing
  • Route Construction
  • Manhole Installation

In-Water Survey Solutions

  • Complete hull surveys, including still and video color photography documentation
  • Special inspections at request of ship owners’ representative, classification inspectors, surveyors and insurers
  • NDT inspection of hull shell plating
  • Underwater paint coating inspection and application.
  • Hull coating inspection
  • Damage assessment inspections
  • Pre and Post dry dock inspections
  • Propeller Polishing Solutions
  • Multi-stage micro-polishing of all surfaces
  • Detailed written report with photographs (pre and post polishing) and any defects found during inspection

Underwater Repairs

  • Anode replacement
  • Recovery of lost anchors and equipment
  • Underwater Transducer replacement and repair
  • Blank off sea chests (suctions and discharges, etc.) to facilitate repairs inside vessel
  • Locate and assess underwater oil leaks and perform approved repairs
  • In-water removal and installation of propellers
  • Hull coating inspections
  • Bottom survey at berths or anchorages to locate and remove obstructions hazardous to vessels
  • Underwater paint/epoxy/coating inspection and application
  • Inspection and repair in flooded ballast tanks, both in-port and underway

Marine Construction

Hull Diving Services is recognized as a leader in all types of underwater construction with port authorities, including;

  • ICCP system installation (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection)
  • Wood and Concrete Piling repair and installation
  • Marine Construction of piers or wharfs
  • Sheet wall repair and installation
  • Underwater concrete pumping
  • Water Jetting with High pressure systems

Hull Cleaning Solutions

  • Equipment approved for Hull cleaning of all types of coatings including Silicone and Epoxy based
  • Cleaning performed utilizing using hydraulic multi-brush systems
  • Hydro Blasting

Non-Destructive Testing Solutions

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  • Ultra-Sonic Thickness Measurement (UT)
  • Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM)
  • Ultrasonic Shear-Wave (weld flaw & crack detection)

Underwater Dredging

  • Excavation of pipelines
  • Removal of sediments
  • Sea water intake cleaning
  • Pre-Inspection cleaning